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Soap Drive

Dominican Relief 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,


During February, we look for special ways to

show that we love, have heart and care for each other. There are many people in the world who are less fortunate

than we are and could use some help. Here at St. Teresa we would like to start a social justice initiative to help families on

the north shore of the Dominican Republic. Through the Good Samaritan Foundation we would like to initiate a soap drive

to gather soap products from our families. Team representatives will then collect and transport all donations for distribution. Each representative

will travel with two 50lb hockey bags (WestJet generously waives the baggage fees) filled with donated supplies which is then handed over to needy families of the Dominican Republic. The representative will also assist with the building of houses, Ascension elementary school, and community center.

So please start collecting soap, shampoo, tooth paste, hair products, tooth brush, kleenex, deodorants, soap powder, general hygiene products, dish detergent, diapers and bring them to school between Monday, January 29 and Friday, February 9, 2018. These products will be allocated directly to the families most in need.


Thank you!

Social Justice Committee