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Grade 7 Parent Information

Grade 7 Parents/Guardians,

Please find attached information regarding a possible exchange for your son/daughter in Spain for a portion of their Grade 8  year. Please view the powerpoint. The two letters attached are being sent home today in hard copy. Please attend the Parent meeting in January if you are interested. Any other information regarding this exchange can be requested by Dan Witt at the WCDSB, phone number is 519-578-3660.

Ken’s Parent Letter

WCDSB Spanish Exchange Parent Letter Dec 2019

Spanish Exchange Presentation to Gr 7 Students


Students Please “Bundle Up” tomorrow

St. Teresa Families,

The weather report calls for fairly significant windchill warnings for the first time this year during the day tomorrow. It is supposed to get colder as the day goes on. Please make sure you are dressed for the winter weather tomorrow, and even an extra pair of mitts and socks “snuck” into a backpack would be a great idea.

One more “sleep” until the Christmas craft sale!


Christmas Sweater/Christmas Colour Day this Friday

A message from the Social Justice Club,

This Friday, December 20th, The Social Justice Club, is sponsoring Christmas Sweater/Christmas Colour Day at St.Teresa School. We are asking students to make a free-will “loose change” (quarters, loonies, toonies) donation.

We would like to purchase Christmas gifts for families in developing countries through Chalice, a Catholic charitable organization. If a student brings in a coin donation, we will give them a ballot for a raffle prize generously donated by Mr. Goodyear(“It’s going to be even better than last year!” says Mr. Goodyear :))

The donations collected from the classrooms will go towards buying a goat, cow or maybe even vaccinations! Last year, the Social Justice Club and students raised $510 dollars and we were able to buy a goat, piglets, baby chicks, children’s books, vaccinations, crop seeds, trade tools and equipment, and a sewing machine! A goat doesn’t just help the family but it helps the whole community. Any donations are appreciated. You do not need to bring money to dress up and enjoy the day. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Rachel, Maya, Abigail and Tate on behalf of The Social Justice Club

December 16th to 20th Week at a Peek- St. Teresa School

St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School this Week:
(December 16th-20th, 2019)


This past week we celebrated our Advent Mass at St. Teresa Church. Thank-you to Mrs. Hannemann’s class and to Fr. Gil for such a great celebration of the Eucharist! Our Director of Education, Mrs. Loretta Notten also visited St. Teresa School this past week. She was amazed by the collection of food that our community made, and was “wowed” by the amount of amazing donations to the Angel Tree at our school. Mr. Goodyear tells anyone who will listen what a wonderfully kind and giving community St. Teresa is! We thank our Intermediate students who helped take the food over to the Church on Friday afternoon and who helped sort it as well. The shelves filled up very quickly. Thank-you Social Justice club for all your work on the food drive again!

This week is a very busy one at St. Teresa School. “What God Wants for Christmas” is a program we do each morning school-wide on the PA. Each classroom has a miniature nativity scene and 7 boxes. Each morning the next box is hidden in the classroom for the students to find when they come in. A reflection on the PA speaks about each of the main figures in the Nativity each day. So far we have celebrated Angel Gabriel and Mary. In box number 7, which we open on the last day before Christmas holidays, is what God wants for Christmas. Can you guess what it is? Our goal is for each student to be able to tell the story of the nativity. It’s not as easy for them as parents might think!

On Monday afternoon we will have our “living” advent wreath celebration in the gym. Our intermediate students have all been invited to become part of the advent wreath to help celebrate the change from darkness to light when Jesus became the light of the world. It is a very moving and solemn celebration each year.

On Monday will be also be starting our St. Teresa “Census”. We re-enact the Census from over 2000 years ago where all the students and staff must travel to our Sacred Space in the school and be registered. All “subjects” must be registered for the “census” by Thursday of this week.

This Wednesday is the annual Christmas craft sale. It’s always a highlight for the students each year. Tickets must be purchased on School Cash online before the end of the day on Monday. No cash sales on the day of the craft sale. Have fun!

This Friday we will also have our 4th annual school-wide “Wheel of Love” for each class to participate in on the announcements. Which class will be chosen first?!! It’s always a fun community-building activity on the last morning.

A reminder that Christmas holidays begin at the end of the day on Friday, December 20th(regular dismissal time of 3:50) and continue until the first day back which is the celebration of the Epiphany, on Monday, January 6th, 2020.

Umbrella Project Skill: Optimism
Catholic Graduate Expectation: I Have Ideas

This Week at St. Teresa School.

Sunday: We congratulate the Grade 7 Students who were confirmed on December 1st and received their Confirmation certificates at mass today!

• Living Advent Wreath presented by the Grade 7 and 8 students- pm
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 3
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 4
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• Christmas craft sale- all day- Classes will be given individual times.
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 5
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• pyjama Day for all classes-no slippers please.
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 6
• Last day for the St. Teresa “census”
• Dance Club and Singing Club presentations in the gym- 1:30pm

• Christmas Sweater Day! Donations go to Social Justice initiatives. More details to come about this great initiative tomorrow(Monday!)
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 7
• 4th Annual “Wheel of Love” Contest-am on the PA.

Have a great week Tigers!

Christmas Craft Sale- Last Call for Tickets!

St. Teresa Families,

This is a reminder to please purchase the cards for your child(ren) for the Christmas Craft sale at School Cash Online this weekend. No cash sales at the Christmas craft sale this year. Many of our older students have not had cards purchased for them as of today.

Also, please send a bag(or two) for students to bring their purchases home on Wednesday. The Eco team has some environmentally friendly wrapping paper. Students are encouraged to bring their own/gift bags as well, along with some clear tape to wrap their presents at school.


Mrs. Schaefer and Mrs. Flores (Christmas Craft Sale Queens!)



Recyclable Gift Wrapping- Message from the Eco Team!

December 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year the Eco Tigers will be making some recyclable gift wrap for the Christmas craft sale. There will be many different designs to choose from. Each class will receive a set of environmentally friendly wrapping paper to help with wrapping gifts on Christmas Craft sale day. This wrapping paper can be placed in your paper recycling bin (remember to remove tape from the wrap before recycling).

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? “540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags are thrown out each year.” We are creating this environmentally friendly gift wrap because we are trying to minimize the waste that gift wrap causes in our landfill. This will help make the earth more green!

If parents are sending in gift wrap for the Christmas craft sale, we encourage them to consider sending in gift bags. Gift bags are reusable, which also helps to make Christmas more eco-friendly.

Thank you,

The Eco Tigers

Recycling Gift Wrap article from the Toronto Star


St. Teresa School Reminders, especially the annual Christmas Craft Sale

St. Teresa Families,

Several reminders for this week.

A reminder that the Angel tree continues until Wednesday of this week. Our Christmas food drive continues this week as well. Thank-you!


Christmas Craft Sale!

(some changes for this year for all students/families)

Our Christmas craft sale is an annual tradition at St. Teresa School that dates back many, many years. This year it is held on Wednesday, December 18th. The students get to come to the gym and “shop” for gifts for their family members during a time with their class. All classes from JK to Grade 8 are included! Times will be assigned to classes early next week. This year, instead of students bringing money to the school, all purchases must be done on School Cash Online by the end of next Monday, December 16th. Cards will be sold online for $5.00 each. Each card allows a student to purchase $5.00 worth of Christmas craft sale items as well as 10 raffle tickets for the raffle prizes. No money will be refunded due to the nature of the online purchasing of the cards.

Here’s an example of how it will work for parents and students:

  1. A parent goes onto School Cash Online and logs into their son/daughter’s name. Cash online sign up instructions If you have more than one child you will have to do these steps multiple times. Listed on School Cash Online is the Christmas Craft sale with amounts. $5, $10, $15, $20, and a donation of $5.00 for anyone willing to donate a card to another student in the school who might not otherwise be able to participate.
  2. The parent chooses the dollar amount listed and pays online.
  3. The school receives this information, and the cards are printed at the school. The cards and raffle tickets will be distributed the morning of the Christmas craft sale to the students in little baggies.
  4. The students use these to do their shopping. No cash money will be collected on the Christmas Craft Sale date. No refunds. Sorry!
  5.  The students will be given time to wrap their gifts at school. Parents are encouraged to send wrapping paper and especially clear tape for their children to do this. It’s a wonderful tradition that the students really enjoy! They love helping each other as well. It’s a wonderful community day here at St. Teresa School!

Anyone wanting to help volunteer for this day in the gym, or even part of the day is asked to call either Mrs. Lavigne or Mrs. Schaefer at the office- (519)743-2131. We ask that volunteers not ask to help out in their own child’s classrooms during the Christmas present wrapping on this day as often the presents purchased are for mom’s and dad’s and we wouldn’t want to ruin any Christmas surprises!  We are still accepting items for this day, especially raffle prizes and items for dads/grandpas, etc. like “soap on a rope, mugs, etc.

Thank-you once more for being a wonderfully supportive and caring community. It’s incredible here at St. Teresa School!

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