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DECE Appreciation Day!

Today is Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day!

A special thank-you to Mrs. VanCromvoirt, Ms. Caldas, Mrs. Izzo, and Mrs. Ziegler for all you do for our youngest students, and for taking such great care of our students in the Extended Day Program too! God bless you and thank-you!

The Staff and School Advisory Council of St. Teresa School


Reminders- Spirit Wear, Walking School Bus Survey, Camp Brebeuf Halloween fun!

Hello Tiger Families,

Please take a moment to complete the “Walking School Bus” survey this weekend if you haven’t already. More information about how wonderful this program could be  is available on a post from Thursday, October 8th. The survey closes on Wednesday, October 21st at 4pm. Complete the Survey Here

Spirit Wear sales are all online this year with the option to have spirit wear items delivered directly to your home or the school. Please see the post from and the attachment provided. St. Teresa 20-21 form Spirit Wear sales end next Friday, October 23rd.

Finally, this is just a reminder that Camp Brebeuf, a Catholic camp in Rockwood(close to Guelph) is having some Halloween events including night time hikes….some scary, some not! Please see the attachment or their website for more information.


A Volunteer Opportunity with the City of Kitchener

A volunteer opportunity! The deadline for application is tomorrow, Wednesday October 14th.

Kitchener’s Sustainability Office is looking for volunteers to help shape the outcome of an air quality monitoring project this fall. A researcher from Wilfrid Laurier University has teamed up with the City of Kitchener and Hemmera Envirochem Inc to install air quality monitoring systems close to four public schools in Kitchener for the fall season. The data collected from these sensors will provide real-time air pollution data that can be used to protect vulnerable young people through future programming. If you’re a member of a school community: student (elementary or high school) parent; educator (Teacher, Early Childhood Educator or Education Assistant etc.) or school board member. Younger volunteers (grade 2 – 8) will be considered as long as their parent/guardian also volunteers; consider volunteering an hour of your time with the City of Kitchener.

Click here for more information.


Spirit Wear is Here! Order yours now!

Spirit Wear Sales are here! Each Wednesday is our Spirit Wear Day where students and staff are encouraged to wear St. Teresa Spirit Wear. Spirit Wear is sold once per year in the fall.

Our spirit wear sale is up and running. It is online purchase only and families can choose to pay for shipping to home or deliver to the school for distribution. It will be open until end of day on Friday, October 23 with a delivery mid to late November.  Please see that attachment for more information about Spirit Wear for St. Teresa School. Sample sizing products are not available to try on this year,  so please pay particular attention to the sizing chart and order one or two sizes bigger for your child so he/she can enjoy their spirit wear for several years to come!

St. Teresa 20-21 form



St. Teresa Week at a Peek Oct. 12-16th

St. Teresa Tigers,

Please continue to monitor your children each morning before sending them off to school. Please know that the self-assessment is in 2 parts. Please continue going through the assessment until you get either a red X or a green checkmark.

School Covid-19 Self-Assessment

We hope our school community had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! We are thankful for all God’s blessings! We are also thankful to all our St. Teresa Families! Thank-you for your wonderful partnerships with the school!


Umbrella Project- Gratitude

What is Gratitude and how will it help my child?

Welcome to Gratitude  at The Umbrella Project.  Your child will be learning all about Gratitude in their classroom.

Gratitude is the skill that helps us recognize all the things we have, instead of focusing our energy on the things we don’t have or the things we can’t control. Our brains naturally pick up and focus more on threats and negatives than positives. This deeply rooted survival mechanism helped our ancestors dodge danger and avoid life-threatening situations.

Unfortunately, this bias to the negative can work against our day to day mental health and to counter this we need to make sure we help our children see the positives as often as possible. Practicing gratitude is a great way to accomplish this positive focus and prime our brains for a happier outlook. It also helps us show our appreciation and return kindness given to us. Teaching your children to be thankful for what they have, what others do for them and expressing these feelings is a powerful, positive coping strategy that can get them through many of life’s difficult days, strengthen their relationships and protect against anxiety and depression.

Make gratitude visible and easy to express

Dr. Jen 2 minute video on gratitude

Here’s to being grateful,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Virtual School Transitions

A special note that the transitions for those students moving to the virtual school, St. Isadore, is Tuesday, October 13th.

Thanksgiving Message

Please see the attached Thanksgiving message from the Director, Mrs. Loretta Notten.

Thanksgiving Letter to WCDSB Oct 8th

Also please note that tomorrow, Friday October 8th is a PD Day. No school for students tomorrow. The extended day program will be running.


Walking School Bus Survey- Please participate!

The Walking School Bus

We are looking for your input into starting up a walking school bus at St. Teresa! What is a walking school bus? The Walking School Bus is a program that allows elementary school children to walk to school together, accompanied by adult volunteers. With planned routes, scheduled stops and trained volunteers it is a safe and supervised alternative to the bus. It is sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The walking school bus has many positive benefits for everyone:

For children
• A chance to make new friends
• Pleasure and sense of belonging to a group
• Learn to become a good pedestrian
• Better concentration in class
• Increase in the level of daily physical activity

For parents who get involved
• Sharing responsibilities with other parents
• Pleasure and sense of belonging to a group
• Expanding your social network
• A way to keep fit

For schools
• Reducing car traffic around the school
• Increasing safety for pedestrians
• Parents mobilized around a project that brings people together
• Environment that promotes physical activity

For communities
• Fewer cars: families walk more to get around
• Greener neighborhood
• Citizen involvement in an intergenerational project
• Strengthening the social fabric

We would like your feedback to gauge interest in this program for our school. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 4:00pm. Please complete the survey once for each family. 

Complete the Survey Here

Thank-you to Mrs. Walker for leading this initiative for St. Teresa School!



Just a couple reminders

St. Teresa Tiger Families,

Updated School Covid Self-Assessment Site

Please make sure to visit the school self-assessment site each day before sending your children to school. You can also get to the site from the main board web page, This site has been recently updated with respect to symptoms for attending school. On the first page of questions about symptoms, the last item states “None of the Above”. If you click on “None of the Above”, the site takes you to a list of secondary symptoms. Please make sure to click on any symptoms your child has to complete the self-assessment. Then click on “Continue” until the very end where you would get a red “X” sign not to attend school, or green checkmark to attend school. Thank-you for your attention to this every day for each of your children that attend St. Teresa School.


Start-Up Forms on School Cash Online

Please make sure that all the September forms are filled out for your child on School Cash Online. There are still families who have not yet completed the forms necessary to begin the school year. If you haven’t signed up for School Cash online, please click on the attachment and follow the instructions. Cash online sign up instructions School Cash online is not just for payments, it’s where we put most forms that need to be filled out by parents/guardians.

UV Air Purifiers

UV Air purifiers have been installed in each classroom and run throughout each day. These were installed this past weekeend and are up and running now.


Mix and Match Day!

Our students and staff are reminded to dress in mix and match ways for our spirit day tomorrow, October 7th. Be creative! Don’t match your clothes tomorrow! All students can and are encouraged to participate! Students can wear Spirit Wear as well, or purple to commemorate Rowan’s Law, for concussion awareness.



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