Christmas Craft Sale!

Coming Up on Wednesday, December 18th for the students at St. Teresa!

The Christmas countdown is on!

To make our Christmas Craft sale a huge success(again!), we are still in need of the following items:

  • Grandpa/dad gifts
  • gifts for brothers and sisters
  • gifts for other family members including pets
  • raffle prizes

Thank-you for your continued support of the Christmas craft sale for the students. They love it!


All sales will take place on School Cash Online by Monday, December 16th. Parents can purchase cards for $5.00 each. Each card will allow the student to purchase $5.00 worth of items at the Christmas craft sale AND will come with 10 raffle tickets as well. Multiple cards can be purchased, and you can even donate a card for a student that might not be able to participate otherwise. We will do a “print-out” at school and then prepare the cards with the student’s  names on them on Tuesday, December 17th. That’s why sales must be finalized by Monday, December 16th. This is different for this year and we know that the students like to spend they own money, but Board Policy requires us to use School Cash Online. If you have any questions, please contact the school.  Thank-you for your support!