Christmas Sweater/Christmas Colour Day!

This Friday,December 21st, The Social Justice Club, is sponsoring Christmas Sweater/Christmas Colour Day at St.Teresa School. We are asking students to make a free-will “loose change” (quarters, loonies, toonies) donation. We would like to purchase a Christmas gift for a family in a developing country through Chalice, a Catholic charitable organization. If a student brings in a coin donation, we will give them a ballot  for a raffle prize generously donated by Mr. Goodyear.

The donations collected from the classrooms will go towards buying a goat, cow or maybe even vaccinations! Last year, just the Social Justice Club raised $75 dollars and we were able to buy a goat! A goat doesn’t just help the family but it helps the whole community. A goat can give milk, reproduce and make more goats and be used as meat. Any donations are appreciated. You do not need to bring money to dress up and enjoy the day. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Ianis, Lourdez, Maya and Madison on behalf of The Social Justice Club