Tiger Families,

Today we did our Fundraiser Kick-off on the PA. We have lots of great things we are raising money for this year, including Grade 8 Graduation, a Gaga Ball pit for the Junior/Intermediate students, numeracy materials, First Communion/Confirmation, Pancake Day, and more!

This is a really big fundraising weekend for us as the students will most likely be seeing extended family, and may be travelling as well. Some pointers on fundraising:

Please remind your child(ren):
• To safely ask for pledges for our Dance-a-thon from friends, family, neighbors, businesses of parents only
•Do not ask for pledges door-to-door

Please fill out the pledge sheet on the back of the package coming home today for each student! All packages must be returned just before Halloween. Our Halloween Dance-a-thon will be a wonderful day for our students!

Thank you for your support of our major school fundraiser!!