St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School this Week:
(December 16th-20th, 2019)


This past week we celebrated our Advent Mass at St. Teresa Church. Thank-you to Mrs. Hannemann’s class and to Fr. Gil for such a great celebration of the Eucharist! Our Director of Education, Mrs. Loretta Notten also visited St. Teresa School this past week. She was amazed by the collection of food that our community made, and was “wowed” by the amount of amazing donations to the Angel Tree at our school. Mr. Goodyear tells anyone who will listen what a wonderfully kind and giving community St. Teresa is! We thank our Intermediate students who helped take the food over to the Church on Friday afternoon and who helped sort it as well. The shelves filled up very quickly. Thank-you Social Justice club for all your work on the food drive again!

This week is a very busy one at St. Teresa School. “What God Wants for Christmas” is a program we do each morning school-wide on the PA. Each classroom has a miniature nativity scene and 7 boxes. Each morning the next box is hidden in the classroom for the students to find when they come in. A reflection on the PA speaks about each of the main figures in the Nativity each day. So far we have celebrated Angel Gabriel and Mary. In box number 7, which we open on the last day before Christmas holidays, is what God wants for Christmas. Can you guess what it is? Our goal is for each student to be able to tell the story of the nativity. It’s not as easy for them as parents might think!

On Monday afternoon we will have our “living” advent wreath celebration in the gym. Our intermediate students have all been invited to become part of the advent wreath to help celebrate the change from darkness to light when Jesus became the light of the world. It is a very moving and solemn celebration each year.

On Monday will be also be starting our St. Teresa “Census”. We re-enact the Census from over 2000 years ago where all the students and staff must travel to our Sacred Space in the school and be registered. All “subjects” must be registered for the “census” by Thursday of this week.

This Wednesday is the annual Christmas craft sale. It’s always a highlight for the students each year. Tickets must be purchased on School Cash online before the end of the day on Monday. No cash sales on the day of the craft sale. Have fun!

This Friday we will also have our 4th annual school-wide “Wheel of Love” for each class to participate in on the announcements. Which class will be chosen first?!! It’s always a fun community-building activity on the last morning.

A reminder that Christmas holidays begin at the end of the day on Friday, December 20th(regular dismissal time of 3:50) and continue until the first day back which is the celebration of the Epiphany, on Monday, January 6th, 2020.

Umbrella Project Skill: Optimism
Catholic Graduate Expectation: I Have Ideas

This Week at St. Teresa School.

Sunday: We congratulate the Grade 7 Students who were confirmed on December 1st and received their Confirmation certificates at mass today!

• Living Advent Wreath presented by the Grade 7 and 8 students- pm
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 3
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 4
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• Christmas craft sale- all day- Classes will be given individual times.
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 5
• St. Teresa student “census” begins

• pyjama Day for all classes-no slippers please.
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 6
• Last day for the St. Teresa “census”
• Dance Club and Singing Club presentations in the gym- 1:30pm

• Christmas Sweater Day! Donations go to Social Justice initiatives. More details to come about this great initiative tomorrow(Monday!)
• What God Wants for Christmas Continues- box number 7
• 4th Annual “Wheel of Love” Contest-am on the PA.

Have a great week Tigers!