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Week of: December 17th-December 21st, 2o18.


Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations Theme: “I Am A VOICE!” and “I HAVE IDEAS”

Umbrella Project: Self-Compassion!

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A very special thank-you goes out to all those involved in the Christmas Pageant at the Church this past weekend at mass! Thank-you to all the students involved, the parents who supported this, and to the volunteers who helped make this such a wonderful event during the season of Advent! Thank-you to Mrs. Schaus for directing the performance again this year! It was wonderful, and so meaningful when it was included as part of the mass!

Thank-you to Fr. Gil as well for not only supporting the pageant, but for welcoming in the students with absolute joy! It was fitting that we lit the pink candle this past weekend not only to symbolize the third week of Advent, but of the Joy of the birth of Jesus to come!

Father Gil went out of his way to spend time talking to the whole congregation about the children of the Parish, telling them how important they are, the energy they bring, and how they are the future of the Church.  Father invited all the children along with their families to Church each weekend. He really wants everyone there to celebrate on the weekends!

In fact, the following document “appeared” in each pew this weekend about children at Church.

Celebrating Children at St. Teresa of Avila Parish

“This is the warmest welcome I’ve ever witnessed in a Church for the young people. Our community is so very fortunate to have the parish of St. Teresa of Avila that is building together so strongly with such a strong emphasis on the children.” (Mr. Goodyear)

We thank all our First Communion Candidates, their parents and teachers, for sharing their projects at the Church this weekend as well! We also thank our Confirmation Candidates, their parents, and teachers for sharing their projects last weekend at mass!

We wish all our families all the very best that this Christmas season has to offer!  We as a staff are truly blessed to work in such a caring, committed community with Christ at the centre! We thank our parents, grandparents, guardians, and community partners for all you do on behalf of the students at St. Teresa School! We are told that the special feeling when you enter into our building and walk down the halls is the Holy Spirit at work! We as the staff of St. Teresa School are all truly blessed to work, learn, and celebrate in such a special school! Thank-you for sending us your children every day!


What’s Happening This Week…

Monday, December 17th, 2018

  • Pizza Money is Due tomorrow
  • What God Wants for Christmas Box 4

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

  • Pizza Money is Due. $1.00 a slice. No late orders or Wednesday orders.
  • What God Wants for Christmas Box 5

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

  • Pizza Day!
  • What God Wants for Christmas Box 6
  • Christmas Craft Sale in the gym- please send wrapping paper/tape for the students to wrap their gifts they buy at school

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

  • What God Wants for Christmas Box 7
  • Advent Celebration in the gym- The Living Advent Wreath- 11:00am

Friday, December 21st, 2018

  • Santa’s Helper Day- Dress in Christmas colours! Christmas sweater day- donations accepted
  • Annual “Wheel of Love” contest on the PA following morning announcements!


Christmas Holidays are from Monday, December 24th to Sunday, January 6th. School resumes on Monday, January 7th at 9:20am.

Once the Christmas Eve/Day mass(es) have been announced, they will be shared with the community.

Have a great week Tigers!