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Holy Thursday Bread Service and Cotton Candy Ingredients

Yes, that IS an odd title for a website post!

Holy Thursday

St. Teresa School Community will be celebrating a Holy Thursday Bread ceremony to mark the significance of Holy Thursday on the Lenten journey.  Each student who would like to enjoy a piece of egg bread will be offered some.  The bread is being purchased from the Nougat Bakery on Stirling Avenue. In consultation with staff from the bakery, the bread is not made with any nut products, but it is made in a facility where other nut products are made. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that there hasn’t been any contact to nuts.

However,  a loaf of ancient grains bread, processed “in a nut free facility free of artificial preservatives, free of refined sugars, free of dairy has been purchased for students with nut allergies. The ingredient list is as follows:

-organic whole grain spelt flour(wheat), water, sourdough spelt culture, sunflower oil, wheat gluten, sea salt. This bread will be packaged and included alongside the egg bread in ziplock bags. If your child has a nut allergy, please talk to your son/daughter and let him/her know if this is a safe choice for him/her tomorrow at Holy Thursday.

Please use this information to make an informed decision about your child. Our Holy Thursday procession as a school community will begin promptly at 9:20am so please ensure your child(ren) are at school a few minutes early tomorrow.

Cotton Candy

Mrs. Hause from the Catholic Community Foundation, along with Mr. Goodyear, have been busy preparing cotton candy for Mission Day. The ingredient list follows:

-sugar, artificial flavors, FD&C Blue #1 and Red#40, may contain calcium silicate. Please discuss with your child/children if purchasing cotton candy at Mission Day is acceptable before the start of Mission Day.

Thank-you, and thank-you for your support of International/National and Local Charities through Mission Day tomorrow afternoon.