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Hot Chocolate Sales and “Wear Pink” Day

Hot Chocolate Sales are Back at St. Teresa School!

Hot chocolate sales begin on Friday, February 23 and continue every Friday until Friday, March 23. All you have to do is bring a dollar and a mug, so you can enjoy a tasty cup of hot chocolate! We will not be supplying paper cups to reduce waste in landfills; so please bring your own mug.

There is history behind St. Teresa’s hot chocolate sales. All proceeds go to McMaster Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House-Hamilton in memory of Mayella Fitzgerald. Mayella was a graduate of St.Teresa School and was diagnosed with leukemia. While she was ill, she stayed at these places.

Hot Chocolate dates: February 23, March 2, March 9, March 23 (All Fridays)


By: Mary.C, Olivia.K on behalf of the Social Justice Club

Pink Shirt Day – Be a Friend Day

St. Teresa participates in Pink Shirt Day- Be a Friend Day to  raise awareness of unfriendly actions in schools across Canada. Pink Shirt Day was founded at a high school in Nova Scotia when a grade nine boy was teased for wearing a pink shirt. The next day at the high school, a good majority of the students wore a pink shirt to support the boy. The high school took a stand against bullying and it began to spread across Canada. On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, St. Teresa students will also take a stand!  We encourage everyone to wear pink shirts to school to show support.

Wear a pink shirt on: Wednesday, February 28, 2018    


By: Olivia.K, Mary.C, Abi.R on behalf of the Social Justice Club