St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School:
(November 18th-22nd, 2019)

That’s right, we have 90% of our families registered for School Cash Online! Just 10% to go! We’re almost there! A reminder that permission forms in addition to payments are made in School Cash Online. Cash online sign up instructions

Bible Celebration!

Congratulations to our Grade 4 students who received their bibles at the Bible Celebration as part of our mass on Thursday afternoon! God bless you with the Good News! Thank-you Father Gil for making the students feel so special during the mass! Thank-you to Ms. Saulnier, Ms. Eckert, and Ms. Beard for preparing the students so well!

Warm Wear Donation Station

Our Warm Wear Donation Station was a huge success this past week! Thank-you to all the families who donated items and to those families who came in to do some shopping! Thanks to the students who stayed after school to help, and to the Social Justice Club for organizing!

Halloween Fundraiser

Thank-you to our amazing St. Teresa School Tigers Family for supporting our Halloween Fundraiser at the end of October. Almost $4500.00 was raised. Money raised will be going to field trips, numeracy and literacy supports, home reading, guest speakers, greening, Grade 8 Graduation, Scientists in Schools, outdoor play equipment, and many others including funding for a new GAGA PIT for our Junior/Intermediate students(this will be installed in the spring!). Many volunteers gave their time to make the Dance-a-thon a huge success! Thanks to the following: Nicole Walker, Lisa Kuepfer, Lori Schaefer Jocelyn Fleras, Joanna and Chris Jones, Emma Jones, Bob Schaus, Jackson Schaus, Jillian Schaus, Christine Costa, Amy O’Reilly, Luba Yamoah, Sonia Elphick, Jen Reitzel, Melanie Nobre, Heather Richardson, Marianne McNiven, Kortney Pickett, Mary Lavigne, Jennifer Schnarr, Corinne Adlers, Penny Richard, Barb Daly, and all other volunteers! A huge thank-you goes out to Mrs. Lorianne Schaus who kept us all organized, helped the DJ out the morning of the Dance-a-thon, and ran the assembly at the end of the day! Prize winners will be announced on Monday!

Research Shows!

Research Shows that one of the most influential things a parent can do is to have high expectations for learning and behavior of their children at school. Parents who model these high expectations and communicate them to their children regularly have a very positive affect. Supporting the school in conversations with the child is another “high yield strategy” that helps to strengthen the partnership between home and school. (“Visible Learning: John Hattie)

Attendance Matters!

Now that the Progress Reports have gone home and interviews have been almost completed, please take a look at the top right corner of the progress report for your child(ren) where attendance is recorded. Next take a look at the attached form that has a chart about attendance. Attendance at school is so important for the success of each of our students. Being on time is a life-skill as well! Attendance Matters! PDF-Attendance-Late-Chart

Tobogganing/Sledding at St. Teresa School-Helmets 

At St. Teresa School, School Council has purchased a number of winter items for students to play with outside. They include snow shovels, small sleds, and some “crazy carpets”. These are items we used last year. PALS often use the small sleds to pull the smaller students around on the ground in the primary area. Every once in a while, eg. when the buses are late/cancelled or as part of a phys.ed class, or other times, we bring out the “crazy carpets” for the student to use to slide down the very small hills at the back of the school. The students are directly supervised during these times. The safety guidelines that the School Board Uses for all activities are the OPHEA guidelines. One of the guidelines for sledding/tobogganing is a suggestion about “importance of wearing a properly fitted (as per manufacturer’s guidelines) and properly worn CSA approved hockey helmet or snow sport helmet certified by a recognized safety standards association (for example, ASTM F2040, CEN 1077, Snell RS-98, CSA Z263.1)”. The school is requesting that, if  Parents/Guardians are requiring a helmet to be worn by your son/daughter for these 2 activities, that you provide one to the school with your child’s name attached on the inside. We do not have a schedule or specific times that we bring the sleds or crazy carpets out, so we respectfully ask that if you are providing a helmet for your son/daughter, that it remains at the school until the end of the winter season so they have access to it when needed. We have strict rules about using the crazy carpets, for example sitting down, one at a time, staying out of the way of others using the hill, etc. and again, when “crazy carpets” are in use, the students are directly supervised. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Goodyear at the school.


Umbrella Project Skill: Self-Efficacy
Catholic Graduate Expectation: I Have Ideas

Next Week at St. Teresa School.
Sunday: All are welcome at St. Teresa Parish!
Tuesday: Immunizations- Grade 7 and 8- pm
Wednesday: Spirit Wear Wednesdays!
Thursday: Angel Tree begins
Friday: Picture Re-take Day- PM only
Saturday: Confirmation Retreat- Grade 7- St. Teresa Church

Have a great week Tigers!