Please complete first-day forms on “Cash Online” if you haven’t already. Thank-you! Cash online sign up instructions

There is a Grade 8 Parent meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 5:30pm in Mr. Boragina’s classroom regarding the Mount Mary retreat in October. Please attend if you can. The students do not come to this meeting.

Just as a reminder, on those days that we have “iffy” wet weather(drizzle, light rain), the students and supervisors will be going outside. Please have rain gear available for your child/children. They LOVE to play outside in all types of weather, and we are doing our best to provide as many active times during the day as possible for our students. Thanks for your support!

A reminder to save Tuesday, September 24th for our Open House as well. For more information, please see the brochure. Open House Brochure

Go Tigers!