December 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year the Eco Tigers will be making some recyclable gift wrap for the Christmas craft sale. There will be many different designs to choose from. Each class will receive a set of environmentally friendly wrapping paper to help with wrapping gifts on Christmas Craft sale day. This wrapping paper can be placed in your paper recycling bin (remember to remove tape from the wrap before recycling).

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? “540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags are thrown out each year.” We are creating this environmentally friendly gift wrap because we are trying to minimize the waste that gift wrap causes in our landfill. This will help make the earth more green!

If parents are sending in gift wrap for the Christmas craft sale, we encourage them to consider sending in gift bags. Gift bags are reusable, which also helps to make Christmas more eco-friendly.

Thank you,

The Eco Tigers

Recycling Gift Wrap article from the Toronto Star