St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School this Week:

WELCOME BACK! One More “Sleep” Until School Starts!!

We are very excited to be starting another school year with our students and families! We hope you have all had a relaxing and fun summer break, and we warmly welcome all our new and returning families to St. Teresa School for the 2019-2020 School Year! Go Tigers! We are growing!

Included in Cash Online is a new Critical Medical form. We ask parents of any students with significant health/medical concerns to please fill out this form as soon as possible(today is not too early!) so those plans for students can be developed immediately. This includes but is not limited to the following: anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy/seizure disorders, diabetes, heart conditions. Please call Mr. Goodyear at the school if you have any questions or concerns about these plans as they are being developed early in September.

“Cash Online” is a system for money collection and for signing permission forms that will be used this year. Please sign up online asap(thanks to the families who signed up last year!) as there are many forms that require online signatures to begin the year. The student verification form for each student is still in paper copy for this year, along with immunization forms that will be sent home with Grade 7 and 8 students. These forms need to be returned to the classroom teacher as soon as possible as well. Here are the instructions for “Cash Online” if you have not already signed up. Cash online sign up instructions

Please note that a great deal of time has been spent in developing class lists, starting last spring. We use a variety of criteria in developing class lists. Our students are wonderful; world class in fact! Our teachers are fantastic as well! Making new friends while furthering former friendships is something we support and will help with. All students from Grade 1-8 play outside together 3 times per day, not including before and after school. Please do not request changes in classroom for your child.

We post a “Week at a Peek” online most weeks throughout the year. You can sign up for this electronic newsletter at Lots of other valuable information is shared through this service as well. We rarely send home paper copies of communication regarding events in the school.  If you miss any information that comes via email, please visit our school website. All the posts are included in a list format. You can also download the school calendar with important dates to your cell phone from our website.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with St. Teresa Parish, under the leadership of Fr. Marian Gil. Our school celebrates mass at the Church many times throughout the school year. All families are invited to the Parish Picnic, taking place on Sunday, September 8th. The parish website is

Busing information is available. Please click on the attachment for more information. Student login bus information

We will begin the school year as a community tomorrow morning, outside on the school yard together at 9:20am. Opening exercises and introductions of staff will take place at that time, and then the students will be making their way to their classrooms to begin the 2019-2020 school year! We are very excited! A special note that JK and SK students do NOT attend school tomorrow. JK visits with parents and their child will take place during the school day tomorrow(Tuesday) as they have been scheduled. SK students do not start school until Wednesday of this week.

Communication is very important between home and school. Agendas are a very important communication tool and are used by all students from Grades 1-8. Agendas cost $6 again this year and need to be purchased through Cash Online. This is a very important resource and life skill(organization) that our teachers spend time teaching and reviewing throughout the year.

More information regarding the “Meet the Staff” evening date and time, along with other information needed in September will be communicated throughout the week.


This school year, your child will be participating in The Umbrella Project and will also continue to deepen their knowledge and practice of The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations. The Umbrella Project is a curriculum designed to help all students learn and apply the skills of emotional well-being.  This year we will be focusing on Empathy, Growth Mindset, Cognitive Flexibility, Authenticity, Purpose, Kindness, Self-Efficacy, Optimism and Lifestyle, along with the 7 Catholic Graduate Expectations.  Developing these skills will help your child lead a happier, more successful life. Learn more on the umbrella of emotional well-being on their website here:

First Days of School

Please send a lunch with your child, along with indoor shoes and several snacks. Please ensure your child is prepared for all types of outdoor weather, including light rain(rain jacket/splash pants) to play outside during lunch and recess. It is our goal to have the students play outside as much as possible during the breaks throughout the day, even if the weather is not fully cooperating with us. Our students LOVE to play outside and it’s so important in their development as well.


  • Labour Day- one more sleep until school starts!!


  • First Day of school. Our day will begin at 9:20am with our opening exercises and staff introductions on the playground. All parents are welcome to attend  our opening exercises!
  • Critical Medical forms for students with high medical needs- please complete this form asap parents if you have a child with a high medical need


  • Spirit Day Wednesdays. Every Wednesday! Students and staff are encouraged to wear their spirit wear each Wednesday throughout the year. Spirit wear purchases may be made a little later in the school year. More information will follow.



  • All online forms completed for each student please. Printed student verification forms for all students, and printed immunization forms for Grade 7 and 8 students returned to classroom teachers as well by Friday please.


Have a great first week Tigers!