St. Teresa Catholic Elementary School this Week
(September 30-October 4th)
Catholic Graduate Expectation: I Believe!
Umbrella Project Skill: Belonging!

Next Week at St. Teresa School.

Sunday: Second Sunday for Confirmation and First Communion Candidates this year. If you didn’t attend mass and the meeting last Sunday, you are asked by Fr. Gil to attend mass and the meeting after mass this weekend in the parish hall for First Communion/Confirmation families. All are welcome at St. Teresa Parish!

• Orange Shirt Day.

Orange shirt day is an annual event that started in 2013 to recognize the legacy of Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people today.
The phrase “Every Child Matters” reminds everyone that children are such an important and integral part of our communities and that they are our future generations of changemakers. By wearing an orange shirt, we have an opportunity to bring awareness to the history of residential schools and to stand up against other injustices that may impact our children/students.
This link gives the story of Phyllis Webstad, who started the campaign
Background information on Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters


Wacky Hair Day! Let’s see who is the most creative!!
• Catholic School Council Meeting- 6:30pm in the library. All are welcome!

• Spirit Day Wednesdays. Every Wednesday! Students and staff are encouraged to wear their spirit wear each Wednesday throughout the year. Spirit wear purchases may be made a little later in the school year. More information will follow.

• Picture Day is today too! SMILE!!

• Our Opening School Mass- 9:45am at St. Teresa Church. All are welcome!

Have a great week Tigers!